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As the business grows, the lead artist cannot be everywhere at once. As nice as that would be. We know that the process of finding a great artist who is available for your party can take time to search, and can be tricky on high-demand days. So we have developed a team of artists that help bring magic to as many events as possible. We don't turn any inquiry away. We have very high standards of professionalism, artistry, and friendliness with all of the people that we work with. So if Jeshka is not able to personally make it to your event, she makes sure that there is an artist that is available who can do at least as good of a job, if not better! 


About Us



When we provide our services, the ultimate goal is not only to execute professional and top quality artistry, but also to empower, inspire, and uplift people. When you get dressed up there is a special presence that comes out. We want to help make those memorable moments. 


Founder and Lead Artist Jeshka is a full-time freelance makeup artist and performer in San Francisco. She is also a Founding Member and Admin for The Human Art Collective.

Jeshka is a Member of the International Face Painters Association.

Jeshka is the Owner of's parent company Jadeye Beauty. She has over 15 years of experience as a specialist in face and body painting.



RAW San Francisco Visual Artist of the Year 2014

1st Place in the WCFP online competitions July 2012 and Springtime 2013 (View at the bottom of this page.)


How do I know that I'm getting a good price?

Most facepainters are freelance artists, so pricing can vary. In the SF bay area, you should expect about $150 per hour estimates when shopping around. 


First of all, facepainting is a type of make-up artistry.

Lots of practice, training, and education goes into those fast and fabulous designs.


Second, the paints are expensive! Most of the service price is guarenteed going straight into replacing materials. 


Third, don't forget the travel, labor, food, costuming, and other costs that a facepainter could run into when going to work events. 

Common Questions

What is the paint made of?

We're not surprised if you are wondering about this, but don't worry! It's just make-up. 


To find out more, click on the image to go to a FAQ which explains in more detail. 

Is the paint easy to wash off?

 Yes! Just with warm water and soap.  


Some colors like to stay a little more than others. It depends on on each person's skin.  Sometimes it may take a couple of washes. 
Pro tip: Use a wipe to take paint away from the eyes first before splashing water.
Also oil-based soaps can be very efficient in getting paint off quickly. 
How long does it take?

It depends on the design. Painting time can be only a few minutes up to an hour for the fancy facepaint commissions.


At a party, our artists can paint up to 15 people per 30 minutes. 


Human Art Collective

Human Art Collective

A guild of bodypaint enthusiasts. Members believe in exploring bodypainting as an art form. Jeshka is the Founder and current Co-Director.



Jeshka is a member of FACE - the International Face Painters Association. She was one of the first artists to be asked to join FACE on the West Coast, and is currently one of the only artists in San Francisco with a membership. All new members must pass a skills and quality inspection test before being accepted.

Make-Up,Face and Bodypaint Insurance

Make-Up,Face and Bodypaint Insurance

Jeshka is insured by one of the top agencies for professional make-up artists and face & bodypainters. Additional Insured Policies are possible.

SF Visual Artist of the Year Award

SF Visual Artist of the Year Award

Jeshka competed against hundreds of other artists and won San Francisco RAW Artist of the Year in 2014 for her bodypainting installation in the "Current" Showcase

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